"Guilty Hearts"

Movie About Sayville and the Evil Dr. Reza

Woman Shot and Strangled While Sleeping!

New Life Community Church and Treat Williams

Actor Treat Williams as Stephen Carrow (Reza) at the church in Sayville.

New Life Community Church

There was a 4 hour CBS mini-series movie about the New Life Community Church in Sayville and how its elder, the evil Dr. Reza, shot and killed a woman in her sleep. The murder was typical for the area. The murderer said he was under a "Delusion," got more and more crazy, and then shot a family member in her sleep, just like what happened to the DeFeos in nearby Amityville. The killing was extremely violent, he shot and strangled her in her bed.

Although CBS billed the movie as "True Life" the names were changed when the Killer Robert Reza with the backing of Sayville residents threatened CBS. CBS left the script alone except for the names. Stephen Siegel, of Smithtown, was one of the writers, and according to Newsday he said, CBS "hired me specifically to develop the real life story," and "brought a lot of intimidation in the form of [members of] the church congregation" on the mistress not to testify. CBS said, "This true crime love story is based on the chilling story of a woman's murder that consumes a small town..." Actress Katie Boland, who played Elly in the movie, also starred in "Salem Witch Trials." What made the movie so interesting was how so many people in the village rallied around and supported the crazed killer.

Olympia Dukakis in Guilty Hearts Olympia Dukakis as the mother.

John Bourgeois as the Reverend.

Marcia Gay Harden in Guilty Harts

Marcia Gay Harden as the Mistress. She played the Church organ, and the organ of Dr. Reza.

From cbs.com:

This true crime love story is based on the chilling story of a woman's murder that consumes a small town and its church community after the woman's influential and respected husband is deemed the primary suspect - and his ex-mistress reveals their formerly clandestine affair. The continuing investigation tests the resilience of the bond between the mistress and her estranged husband -- as the jailed suspect attempts to discredit and implicate them before the trial.
Feeling suffocated by a marriage in which she feels increasingly unappreciated and misunderstood, Jenny Moran (Harden) finds herself in secret awe of the family life and upscale lifestyle of the successful Dr. Stephen Carrow (Williams) who worships at the church where she is employed as an organist.
When Jenny innocently chooses to bring her ailing father to the highly regarded Stephen for a consultation, she quickly finds herself relishing the newfound attention of the charming doctor. Their relationship continues and intensifies after her father's death. Soon, Jenny shocks her husband, Matt (Gary Basaraba), her children and mother (Dukakis) by leaving home. At Stephen's urging she even agrees to accuse Matt of abuse. Calling Jenny's move a part of God's plan, Stephen begins an illicit affair with the adoring Jenny -- and tells her he will soon leave his wife.
When Stephen's wife is fatally shot at home, his alibi is quickly disproved -- and he ends up confessing to the murder. But his temporary insanity plea is in jeopardy when the shocked Jenny dutifully informs the police of their affair. Vehemently denying the liaison, Stephen challenges Jenny's mental health -- and begins a campaign, with the help of his devoted church circle, to discredit and humiliate her. Despite Jenny's disloyalty and her continued resistance to return to him, Matt cannot bear to see how emotionally fragile Jenny has become -- and vows to protect her from the church members who will stop at nothing to get Stephen acquitted.

From Newsday:

2002 Newsday, Inc.
February 8, 2002 Friday ALL EDITIONS
Murder, They Rewrote;
CBS changes names, places in retelling of Reza case

Here we go again: Another sensational Long Island murder is about to become the basis of another television miniseries, this one focusing on the 1990 murder of Bayport resident Marilyn Reza.
Viewers who studied Newsday or watched Court TV a decade ago will recall the particulars of this murder, but CBS' "Guilty Hearts" - airing Sunday and Wednesday - will not make it easy. The TV movie uses fictional names for both Robert Reza, the pulmonary specialist who was convicted in 1992 of the murder of his wife, as well as other key figures in the case. In addition, the miniseries is set in Illinois. Reza was tried and eventually convicted in State Supreme Court in Riverhead, while Kathy Senese, his onetime mistress who became a star witness against him, had first met Reza in a Sayville church where she was an organist. Stephen Siegel, a Smithtown resident who co-wrote the screenplay, said yesterday that Reza's lawyer had threatened legal action against CBS; a spokeswoman for the network confirmed the names had been changed "for legal reasons." Siegel, 40, an adjunct instructor in screenwriting at New York University, said CBS "hired me specifically to develop the real life story," and added that in his research, he discovered that Reza - serving 25 years to life in an upstate prison - "brought a lot of intimidation in the form of [members of] the church congregation" on Senese not to testify. Reza, an elder at Sayville's New Community Church, was highly regarded there, though his efforts to force Senese not to testify failed.
In the telefilm, a person named Jenny Moran (Marcia Gay Harden) becomes infatuated with Stephen Carrow (Treat Williams). He later murders his wife, is caught and pleads temporary insanity.
The murder case: Senese became infatuated with Reza, who treated her father for cancer in 1985, and their affair began in 1990. She briefly left her husband and then returned after Reza's arrest. Reza later confessed that he had strangled and shot his wife of 22 years as she slept in her bed on Dec. 12, 1990. He also pleaded insanity.

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