The Science behind the Amityville Area, Lucifer, and why it is Sacred to Witches of Wicca.

Southwest Suffolk County is Sacred to Witches

Long coastline facing south, from where the Sun is strongest.

Strong Sunlight Phenomenon and Unique Holly Forest Creates Ideal Place to Celebrate Yule and Worship Lucifer the Holly King.

In all the world the most significant area to Witches is Fire Island and coastal south Suffolk County, New York. It is here that Ray Buckland, the father of modern Wicca, spread witchcraft throughout the world. The geography is what makes it so significant. Because Long Island is the most significant land in the north to have a beach facing south to the Atlantic Ocean, it gets an extraordinary amount of winter sunlight. The sun coming from the south reflects off the huge ocean and increases the light intensity.  This is the reason why Sayville, Long Island was at one time the greenhouse capital of the world.

According to the National Park Service central Fire Island gets so much sunlight that, "Fire Island takes its name from an illusion created by the glancing rays of sunlight on local foliage. Though only a vision, this 'island in flame' is an integral and fitting part of wilderness" ( 1/15/06) That is an example of just how bright and strong the sun is.

Because the winter sunlight is so strong here, it is an important spot for witches. Witches believe that Lucifer is the God of the Sun. ( and the Sun God is also known as the "Horned God." ( Lucifer is also known as the "Angel of Light." Many of the Witch's holy days revolve around the Sun such as the Yule. A big part of their belief system is the concept of the Sun weakening and the world dying, then on the Winter Solstice the Sun God Lucifer is reborn and warms the Earth. The best place in the world perform this demonic ceremony celebrating the birth of Lucifer is of course south shore Suffolk County in the area around the 11782 zip code. This would include Sayville and the Sodomite communities of Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines.

In addition to the natural phenomena of the bright sunlight there is also an unsurpassed winter view of the sun in this region of the world. Because the beach faces south it is possible to see the sun not only rise at dawn but set at night. This gives a phenomenal view of the sun.

In addition, at this spot is the greatest holly forest is the world. It covers a huge expanse and has holly trees that are over 300 years old! It is these holly tree leaves that the National Park Service says has the "glancing rays of sunlight which make it look like an “island in flame.” The holly tree is a sacred tree to the witches/wiccans. According to "Horned God is also played out the theme of the Holly King and Oak King. The Horned God is the Holly King and the Oak King, two twin gods seen as one complete entity" ( Thus, we have the world's greatest holly forest in the same as exact place where this natural phenomenon of the sun takes place. Ray Buckland said it was "Destiny" that had him come to this area to spread witchcraft and that this phenomenon was "Fascinating."

Furthermore, this place is the site of the world's first modern sodomite community rivaling even Sodom and Gomorrah. There are a series of cities such as Cherry Grove that makes up the purest gay place in the modern world. It's gayness goes back to even before Oscar Wilde went there in the 1880s. Imagine a place where everyone is a homosexual, thousands. It is here that is the greatest place to worship Lucifer in the world. Is this a one in a million coincidence?

The gateway to this place is Sayville, New York. It is the home of Melissa Joan Hart that is the owner and producer of Sabrina the Teenage Witch television show. Her and Ray Buckland are the two people in the world most responsible for setting off the worldwide witch movement. Melissa Joan Hart even had a classmate in Sayville named "Serena" that killed a beautiful cheerleader in a demonic ceremony! Sayville was founded by a witch hunting family from Salem. It is somewhat of a mystery of how Sayville got its name, but one theory is that Sayville is a contraction of "Salem Village" the original name of where the witch hysteria was. Salem Village = "Say" + "Ville" = "Sayville."

Ray Buckland, the world's most important witch, when asked if it was destiny that brought him to this phenomena in southwest Suffolk County he said, "I think we must presume it was destiny, yes!" He called this phenomena, "Fascinating!" It was from here that the modern Wicca/Witch movement started. Also within this area is Amityville.

Long Island, and especially Fire Island gets an unusually high amount of sunlight because the coastline faces East/West and gets the most of any reflected winter sunlight in the world.
Fire Island/Long Island is the best place to conduct witchcraft/Wicca ceremonies, especially Yule. Because of the East/West of the shoreline the sun can be perfectly observed all day, including both sunrise and sunset.

The central part of Fire Island is the most solidly gay sodomite place in the world. It is also the world's first modern day gay sodomite community, and still the purest gay. A modern Sodom and Gamorrah.

The center of Fire Island has the oldest and most unique holly forest in the world. Many of the trees are over 300 years old. Because it is situated on the shore behind the dunes, the trees can only grow so high and is considered a "Elfin" forest. The horned god of Witches/Wiccans is also called the "Holly King" with the "Oak King."


Scientists on the sunlight phenomena on Suffolk County's south shore:

According to Professor Mark Jacobson of Stanford University, if a "...beach is sloped toward the south, then it will receive more direct UV..."
... a smooth water surface does reflect a considerable amount of the sun's energy on adjacent areas such as beaches," said Jim Purpura, a meteorologist for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.
"There is merit in the notion that there is additional light reflected off of the ocean that would cause brighter conditions..." said Emmy Award winning meteorologist CBS6 Chief Meteorologist Steve LaPointe.

Ivy League Professor Mark P. Bridgen of Cornell University, who is a top expert in Greenhouses, said, "...the amount of light on L.I. is one of the reasons that the (Greenhouse) industry was, and still is, so strong. In addition, the Ivy League professor said, "The amount of degree light days on Long Island is greater than anywhere else on the east coast. Initially, I found that surprising. But, it is true because of the winds that blow the clouds north to CT."

Aspects of  the Sunlight Phenomenon:

1. Sun reflection from water from the south makes it very bright.
2. Unusually high degree of "Light Degree Days" due to winds from south.
3. Perfect view of the sun from dawn to dusk.

4. In temperate zone: Permits worship of birth and death of Lucifer
5. Only place in the world with this combination.

In Addition: Greatest holly forest in the world and a multitude of bogs.

The Wiccans/Witches worship the horned god. The Museum of Witchcraft said that the, "Horned God... names and guises he assumes are...Lucifer," among others. (

Points of the Area:

1. Settled by a family from the Salem area of Massachusetts that made false accusations of witchcraft.

2. Natural phenomenon of extraordinary bright sunlight.

3. Excellent view of the sun.

4. World first (Modern) sodomite and Gayest place.

5. Place where modern Wicca was founded in the US, and then spread throughout the world.

6. World's greatest holly forest, growing at the northern limit.

7. So many bogs, an area is called the "Sunken Forest."


Fire Island Bog Fire Island has lots of bogs, so many a part is called the "Sunken Forest." Bogs are important to Druids/Witches because it is considered neither land or sea, but half way. It creates a sort of doorway to the other world. At right is a body of a ancient girl victim dumped a European bog.

Fire Island has lots of bogs, so many a part is called the "Sunken Forest." The Druids committed human sacrifice by killing a victim and dumping him into a bog. Throughout northern Europe people find the remains of victims in old bogs. The people of the old religion before Christianity believed spirits and gods lived in the bogs because it was a gateway between this world and the other world because it was neither land or sea. The bog to them is a place to get close to the gods. The Roman historian Tacticus described how the people of the old religion would kill innocents and then dump the body into water. A Druid is a form of witch. ( National Park Service Sources: Massacre of Innocence  By Holmberg and Rogers.)

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